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Where the word ends, the image begins. 
Art expresses what is unspeakable, what cannot be put into words. 
This is a meeting of two parallel worlds – the visible and  tangible one with the invisible and ephemeral. The space where only art creates universal language that everybody can communicate with. 

Art gives me opportunity to express myself – this is the language of my emotions, thoughts, and observations. This is the way of meditation, calm down my mind and just go with the flow. It doesn’t need any words, any explanation and could mean different things to different people – filtered through current feelings and experiences.


My great inspiration for artwork is nature and the world around, with its patterns, different shapes, textures and concepts. Through my art I’m searching for diversity, contrasting perspectives and ideas that only seem to be mutually exclusive, but in fact create one coherent and integrated wholeness. Experimenting and combining, sometimes not necessarily obvious elements, in one abstract or surreal form - integrating the real world with the slightly mystical and mysterious one, striving for balance and harmony. 

Currently, I am involved in graphic projects, focusing mainly on linocut technique and creating pen and ink drawings on paper. Those graphic techniques offer great range of artistic possibilities. Working with lines and dots - I build tonal transitions that create contrast and depth, bring the mood and enhance the structure. 

Graphic art ideally connects with black and white analogue photography I’m fascinated with for a long time already. 

Concentrating rather on tonality than using colour helps me to bring out the essence and focus on what is important in scene I photograph. I love walking through the streets with my camera in hand, exploring city places – sometimes forgotten and sometimes unvisited for a long time, capture everyday life, interesting sceneries and characters. Find beauty in ordinary things and give them a meaning. And then develop pictures, spend time in the darkroom, catching the magic when the image appears at the paper.


I am also passionate about the process of creating functional ceramics - vessels hand-thrown on a potter's wheel, made with precision and intention, created from nature, and which accompany us in our everyday life.

As I’m always desire something new, ready to explore more and discover new creation forms,  I’m open to different concepts of expression that allow me to deepen my workshop and broaden the visual aspects of my artwork. 

Being curious about the world I frequently travel – slowly, with no rush, no expectations – but always ready to discover something new that gives a good portion of inspiration, both for artwork and photography as well.


I’m enthusiastic about yoga, mountain treks and natural lifestyle.

This is my world. Enjoy it with me!
  • 2024     Feminity Series, linocut graphics, Artshow - Festival of Fine Arts, Warsaw

  • 2023     Feminity, linocut print - Women's Side of Art IV, post-competition exhibition, Defabryka, Warsaw

  • 2022     Freedom Dancer I and II, pen and ink drawings, Move Series - Women's Side of Art III, post-competition exhibition, Defabryka, Warsaw

  • 2022     Mind Freedom, pen and ink drawing, Group Online Exhibition, Human Faces and Figures, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California, US

  • 2021     Mind Freedom, pen and ink drawing, Group Online Exhibition - Finalist, Grey Cube Gallery

  • 2020     Selected pen and ink drawings, Art In House - Online Gallery and Shop, Warsaw

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