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Buenos Aires moments

Buenos Aires: city of contrast, city of freedom and independence, city of rebel against what limits, powerful and creative place.. mix of European flavour with Latin passion.

The place that you can visit so many times and have never enough.

From one side vibrant atmosphere, rush and busy streets. From other side place to slow down and enjoy life moments.

In that project I focused on capturing moments, ordinary days that actually fill in our life - sometimes happy, other day sad, doing daily duties, being in rush and finding moments to slow down and stop for a while. Allthose things that just happens and pass through, sometimes without even noticing them. Not any tragedies orevents that arouse extreme emotions - just typical, common days - like most of our days.

Living in Buenos Aires for a while, experience this vibrant city like a porteña (local person). Avoid touristic route (I know – it’s easier when you’ve already been there several times ;)) Explore streets and places somewhere in the backyard – not frequently visited, especially not by foreigners. Apply Argentinian daily routine.. slow down and go with the flow.

Morning café con medialunas for breakfast in local bar like many porteños do.

Charming San Telmo, elegant Recoleta or poor and neglected Boca (this real Boca – not only widely known touristic El Caminito renovated just to appeal tourists) to feel the atmosphere, to follow locals – their daily routine and habits, to capture everyday life.

Enjoy yoga classes and relaxing in the park in the afternoon.

Visit favorites restaurants, try delicious food and come back to places we know and miss. A little bit of culture is always obligatory pleasure. Celebrating local Ferias on the streets with Argentinians – colorful procession with drums, trumpets, music around, thousands of people with banners dancing on the streets – very energizing experience.

And of course much more..

All photography done on film during my several stays in Buenos Aires 2013-2019 and will continue soon.Street photography is always ongoing project. I love to come back to the same places and look at that diffrently to discover different aspects.


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