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Cuba lost in time

This project was done during my stay in Cuba. I was exploring Havana’s streets everyday, discovering less and less visited places – trying to find interesting moments in ordinary life, through the neighborhoods, meet local people with their stories and show how does real life look like, without trying to idealize it. Not to show myths, but reality.

These are just my personal thoughts about Cuban social and economic conditions and people behavior within that.

Cuban people live in some kind of illusion that everything what they need is protected by country - food, education, healthcare, information.. But the reality is slightly different.

Cuba is isolated for years. People face financial difficulties and suffer from lack of many goods which for us are just basic. They cannot travel, they cannot leave their place without permission even within their country. There is no optionto decide over their life. They live in cage, like in prison - they do not have enough freedom that they deserve.

But what are they doing about that? Nothing. They are just passive – maybe already adapted to this situation and accepted how they live. Or maybe they are not fully aware that it could be different. Cuba stays far behind the western world and there is little chance that something will be changed soon.

All photographs made on film.


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